How to get rid of your Acne problem

As we know your face is part of your body treating your face includes making changes in your lifestyle:  Your daily diet should  contain fresh fruits , vegetables like romaine lettuce, watercress etc .,good source of protein, avoid sugars( forget the sodas!) , fried foods, excessive dairy, get your exercise and sleep, drink  your water and properly  cleanse your face , avoid most creams- but most likely if you work with your dermatologist or your esthetician you know this already  !

More tips from Terese  to improve your problem skin :

1) avoid touching your face or squeezing  the impurities( absolute no, no .. you will reinfect your skin with new bacteria and push other impurities deep in to your skin creating more cystic inflammation  

 2)clean your face with proper cleanser soon as you can , after any physical activity or after wearing   sunscreen

 3)use disposable , plain cotton cleansing  tissue or every time you wash your face clean wash cloth

4) use cotton only pillow cases and change them often ( they absorb the oil of your face, allow the skin to breath)

4)always wash your face AFTER  you wash your hair( don’t want the waxes and extra chemicals on your face to clog the pores)5) In case of mile Acne see expieriened esthetician ; major problem requires to see dermatologist first.   If you think this is too much to deal with ask yourself if your face is worth it...

You will see results!!





‚ÄčTERESE EUROPEAN SKIN BODY has won the coveted Spectrum Award 2017,2018 ,2019  for excellence in customer service! 

Terese European Skin and Body Care receives high marks by Citi beats News for customer satisfaction, earning the 2016 Spectrum

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif. - Jan. 2, 2017 - PRLog -- With the highest possible customer satisfaction rating of 5 stars,Terese European Skin and Body Care has earned the prestigious City Beat News (CBN) Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.

Terese European Skin and Body Care has been operating in Marin County for more than 30 years, providing custom skin care treatments focused on delivering the best results for clients. "Every client has a goal to achieve, and I create customized skin care programs for them to address that," says Owner Terese Borowy, who got her start in the skin care field in Poland, Sweden and Austria. "My clients have all my focus and get the attention they fully deserve."

At Terese, the goal is to make clients look good, so they can feel good. Custom-designed facial treatments and top-quality organic cosmetics in the hands of an experienced clinical esthetician bring clients' skin to its best healthy condition.

Among the services offered are the Alpha/MD with infusion facial, organic herbal facials, detoxifying facials with lymphatic drainage, adult/teen acne facials, rosacea treatments, micro-current facials, oxygen treatments, hot stone facials, pumpkin enzyme peel hydrating facials, and the spa's signature European deep cleansing facials. Other services include cellulite treatments.

In addition to her work, Borowy has been a skin care educator for at least 20 years and is also active in working toward banning experiments on animals specifically for cosmetic purposes. Her clients' gratuity and one percent of her proceeds goes to PETA and other organizations that share her goal.

In partnership with The Stirling Center for Excellence, CBN recognizes businesses such as Terese European Skin and Body Care for providing an outstanding customer experience and honors them with the Spectrum Award. Winners are based on CBN's independent, proprietary research and evaluation system, which identifies businesses with a track record of top-flight customer service and customer satisfaction. The rating system combines data collected from nominations, online and other customer reviews, surveys, blogs, social networks, business-rating services, and other honors and accolades — all of which express the voice of the customer. Only those with a 4 or 5 star rating receive the Spectrum Award.

Terese European Skin and Body Care is located at 905 A Irwin Street in San Rafael. For more information, call 415-485-6825 or go online to Check its Star Page, too, at

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Does your face really matter?
During my almost 30 years of practice in skin care one thing that still surprises me most is the lack of respect for our face....yes you heard this right! I would be a very rich women if I had a dollar for every proud comment like this "No,I don't do anything for my face". Really?! 
In my effluent Marin County where we spend thousands of dollars on everything else some of us still think our face doesn't deserve much care. We buy shoes to protect our feet and clothes to protect our body. However, the face is exposed to the environment all the time and we are being judged by our appearance. Does it not deserve the same?
Some don't know what real facial treatments in the hands of a skilled esthetician can do for their skin. Bad experiences or expectations for an instant fix of life time damage to be repaired in one treatment  is also used as an excuse .
Sometimes also we think cream itself and make-up will do the job. Did you know your unprepared skin can absorb just 10-20 % of your cream? After your facial treatment absorption it goes up to 60 -70%! You may try doing your little facial yourself, that will help some. You can also make your own dress, clean your own teeth and may save your money on other things. For example, like one fancy dinner out once a month... this could buy you a great healthy treatment for your skin. An esthetician can advice you the right skin care product and regimen as well as create a program for you individually - at least that is what I do for my clients. This is all for the optimal health and looks of your skin... so you can beat the aging process in a healthy way. It's possible!! Some of my ladies and gentleman look better now then they did 10 years ago. You know who you are...right? Holly, Andrea,Tamra,Miriam,Andrew...and others. Spring is right around the it now!
Your personal esthetician