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                                                    Babor                                                                                                     Is our most exciting advanced, European skin care line we work with.                                                                           PIONEER IN PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE.                                    


2016  GALA SPA AWARD Category: Treatment Concepts - for BABOR Effective Touch - presented by the lifestyle magazine GALA

2012 SPA Diamond Category: Face Care Anti-Aging Product - DOCTOR BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Hyaluronic Collagen Booster Ampoules - presented by Busche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
2012 Premios Belleza Best Design for an Anti-Aging Cream Product - HSR lifting - presented by the Spanish women's magazine Ana Rosa
2011 NEW BEAUTY AWARD Best Product, Category: SPA Product - Body Line Thermal Vitamin ACE Body Cream - presented by the US beauty magazine New Beauty
2011 Reader’s Choice Award BABOR Cosmetics received a special prize for especially convincing product innovations - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
2011 Beauty Forum Special Prize Innovation presented by the editors of the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
2010 Reader's Choice Award Category: Care Cosmetics - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
2010 SPA Diamond Category: Face Care Anti-Aging - presented by the Busche publishing company
2010 BSB Award of Innovation Category: Innovative Cosmetic Products - presented by the BSB Cosmetic Association
2009 RigaNow! Platinum Platter Award for the BABOR SPA in the Nordic Hotel Bellevue - presented by the travel magazine "RigaNow!"
2009 European Health & Spa Award Category: Best Facial Treatment - presented by the Agency for Health & Wellness
2009 GALA SPA Award Category: Innovation Concepts - presented by the People Magazine, Gala and Brenner's Park Hotel & Spa
2008 Reader's Choice Award 1st place in the category: Care Cosmetics - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
2008 Danish Beauty & Cosmetics Award presented by the specialist journal "Kosmetik"
2007 Reader's Choice Award Category: "Most Frequently Mentioned Brand" - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
2006 A Life of Beauty Award for Mrs. Kleine-Tebbe - presented by "Beauty International" Düsseldorf                                                         NO ANIMAL TESTED COSMETICS at terese     


In a world of increasing environmental pressures and air pollution, the skin longs for pure, natural products to protect it from external stress factors, allowing it to regain its ideal balance and radiate pure beauty.

BABOR, an expert in the development of high-quality natural skin care products for over 50 years, has developed a glamorous and innovative beauty system for face and body to counter the harmful effects of the environment. The products in this elegant, organic line are all based on natural ingredients from the pristine Alpine region. Pure active ingredients with effective holistic and lasting effects: they accelerate the skin’s regeneration and cell renewal while providing valuable moisture, vitality and protection. Discover this new dimension of natural purity and outstanding results with babor



                                                          SEA CREATION

We carry high quality European Cosmetics like BABOR, RAYA, DR.TEMT and other European origin lines containing herb and plants.

Natural DR.BABOR combines leading newest technologies  with  high clinical performance in its cosmetics

BABORGANIC line is 100% organic and suitable for most sensitive !